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The long-term goal of all technology innovation is to create a resource for investigators to further their research aims. If you have a research plan that could potentially benefit from a microscopy technique involving OCT we have numerous resources available for collaborators and as a service. Our Resources page will provide information on current equipment and services available. In addition, if you would like more information please contact us and check out additional information on our Collaborations.

CBORT is dedicated to innovating cutting-edge OCT technology and facilitating adoption of the technology across a spectrum of biological and medical opportunities throughout the United States. There are currently three technical research and development programs motivated by important biomedical research projects.

Research at CBORT is centered around technical innovation and Resource Investigators are continually interested in expanding into new areas of technical growth as well as exploring potential biomedical applications that would benefit from the developed technologies available with the center. For examples of research projects that have already motivated new technical development look at our biomedical research projects.