Northeast Symposium on Biomedical Optics

NESBO is an annual event aiming to bring together junior researchers from across the greater New England area to stimulate scientific discussion and promote collaboration within the local Biomedical Optics community. This year's edition took place on October 10th.

Latest Publication

Single-input polarization-sensitive optical coherence tomography through a catheter

In this work, Georgia Jones presents a signal processing method to reconstruct the polarization properties of tissue from measurements with a single input polarization state, bypassing the need for modulation or multiplexing of input states.

CBORT OCT/OFDI Raw Data Reconstruction

Python Package on Github

CBORT is excited to announce that it has developed an open source Python package for reconstructing raw OCT/OFDI available through GitHub as a general tool for dissemination and education. When coupled with acquisition frameworks, this new package allows for automated processing of raw OCT data into analyzable images with little to no user input.