Clearing Assisted Scattering Tomography (CAST)

CAST leverages tissue clearing to tailor the scattering properties of tissue and enable label-free volumetric optical imaging at high speed.

CBORT Symposium 2020

CBORT to host Machine Learning in OCT Imaging

Machine Learning in OCT Imaging: Novel Applications & New Research Opportunities will be held at MIT and highlight the impact of advanced machine learning on biomedical optics and in particular Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT). The program will serve to connect the biomedical optics community and machine learning / computer vision experts. The event has been postponed and we will provide additional information once a new date has been confirmed.


Intravascular Polarimetry in Patients with Coronary Artery Disease

Otsuka et al. investigated the polarization properties of atherosclerotic plaques in patients with coronary artery disease. Using a modified optical frequency domain imaging (OFDI) console along with recently developed image reconstruction methods enabled measurement of polarization properties of the coronary arterial wall through standard intravascular OFDI catheters. This first-in-human pilot study of intravascular polarimetry demonstrated that culprit lesions of patients with acute coronary syndrome or plaque rupture exhibit a lower birefringence than those of patients presenting with stable angina pectoris. Polarization features also differed among different morphological plaque subtypes. Intravascular polarimetry may open new avenues for studying plaque composition and detecting high-risk patients.