The Optical Imaging in Neurosurgery Meeting

The Optical Imaging in Neurosurgery Meeting is a gathering of optical imaging experts and neurosurgeons who share a common goal of improving visualization in surgery. This event aims to function both as a showcase of cutting-edge optical imaging technologies and a forum for addressing unmet clinical needs that could potentially be solved by optics-based methods. Through presentation and organized discussion, this meeting seeks to bridge the gap between technological advancement and clinical requirements.

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Latest Publications

Aging of deep venous thrombosis in-vivo using polarization sensitive optical coherence tomography

This work is the first in-vivo study using catheter-based PS-OCT to characterize the changes in thrombus morphology that occur over time. Using polarimetry, we were able to classify acute and chronic clots with an accuracy of 98.2%. You can find out more in our open-access paper in Biomedical Optics Express here.

Latest Publications

Electronically Controlled Dual-Wavelength Switchable SRS Fiber Amplifier in the NIR-II Region for Multispectral Photoacoustic Microscopy

In this work we introduce a novel type of wavelength-switchable light source with a 200 kHz repetition rate, 100 kHz switching rate, and 3 micro-joules pulse energy at the 1200 nm region for fast multispectral photoacoustic microscopy. You can find out more in our open-access paper in Laser & Photonics Reviews here.

CBORT OCT/OFDI Raw Data Reconstruction

Python Package on Github

CBORT is excited to announce that it has developed an open source Python package for reconstructing raw OCT/OFDI available through GitHub as a general tool for dissemination and education. When coupled with acquisition frameworks, this new package allows for automated processing of raw OCT data into analyzable images with little to no user input.