CBORT is focused on collaborating with and serving a diverse scientific community spanning from biologists and clinicians to engineers and physicists. Depending on the interaction with the center, investigators may be interested in utilizing the resources available as a service center or as a collaborative research project.

Service projects pertain to investigators who solely use the facilities, systems, or center expertise. Collaborative projects, on the other hand, utilize the resources of the center but also involve investigators who have an established collaboration with CBORT faculty. Collaboration and Service efforts with CBORT include, but are not limited to:

  • Access to microscopy imaging systems
  • Off-site system placement
  • Support for replication
  • Focused development of new technology

We are actively pursuing collaborative research and service projects through numerous mechanisms including conferences and digital communication strategies. If you are interested in becoming a collaborator or service user please fill out the following page:

Collaborative and Service Projects

and submit to