As part of it’s mission to provide widespread service and dissemination of OCT technology to the biomedical research community, CBORT has developed manuals and tools for researchers to download free of charge.  The only requirement is that all investigators who use CBORT resources and services acknowledge the support in publications, presentations, and posters.  Please use the following language to cite any work that comes from utilizing the downloads,  “This work was conducted with support from the Center for Biomedical OCT Research and Translation (National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering, National Institutes of Health Award P41 EB015903).

Synchronous Viewer

This plug-in is for a synchronous view of multiple images and their cross-sectional views. It supports the synchronizing of the cursor, location of window & magnification. Users are allowed to open at most three stacks.

Link to plug-in at public domain github

PMD Compensation

Signal processing algorithms for PS-OCT imaging:  1) Conventional method ignoring poliarization mode dispersion (PMD) and 2)  PMD compensation method.

Tiff Stack

The tifStack class enables to load a gray scale tif stack, and generate different views of the volumetic data without physically rearranging the memory.  It is designed to support multiple channels typically arising in functional OCT applications or polarization sensitive PS-OCT

Stack Viewer

The stackViewer enables convenient reviewing of tif-stacks, typically arising from OCT imaging. Rather than physically rearranging the data for different cross-sectional views, the stackViewer directly retrieves the required to generate the desired view.

Spectral Binning Tools

The spectral binning code reconstructs the local retardation and the degree of polarization (DOP).

Angiography Tools

Toolbox for signal processing and volume projection of OCT based angiography.

Laser Design

Detailed manual for building simple, low cost, and high performance wavelength swept laser for numerous OCT research areas.