CBORT is committed to providing unparalleled training in the field of OCT from technical theory to clinical study implementation. This includes both individual and group training opportunities spanning from post-doctoral training, visiting scientist fellowships, summer training workshops, traveling lectures, courses offered through the joint Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology and the Harvard Catalyst.

Training is open to a spectrum of participants including scientists, engineers, biologists, and clinicians from local, national and international locations. Below is a description of the current programs that are being offered.

Individual and Small Group Training

The individual and small group program is intended to provided customized training for an intensive few day visit or for a longer, 3-6 months, time period.   During the visit trainees can decide to focus on advances in swept-source laser designs, development and fabrication of customizable OCT imaging probes and rotary junctions, as well as full OCT system integration and application based imaging techniques.

The program has several focus areas including:

  • Laser Design
  • Imaging Probes & Rotary Junctions
  • OCT Systems Engineering
  • Clinical Imaging
  • Small Animal Imaging

Post-Doctoral Training

The CBORT post-doctoral training program is a diverse program bringing together experts in biology, engineering, and medicine from Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts General Hospital, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology in order to train the next generation of leaders in optical imaging, and in particular OCT.

The overarching goal of the CBORT post-doctoral program is to train post-doctoral fellows through a diverse group of faculty mentors with focus on OCT technical development and clinical translation. The program emphasizes interdisciplinary approaches, bench-to-bedside translation, and long-term career development. These goals are achieved by close mentorship, well-coordinated and broadly-based didactic sessions, and careful monitoring and career planning by the CBORT Director in collaboration with the fellows primary mentor.

Summer Workshops & Symposia

CBORT hosts regular educational workshops and symposia intended to promote the field of OCT.   Past summer workshops have included lectures as well as hands on laboratory elements for attendees to participate in. Topics include: source development, system integration, signal processing and system calibration, catheters and probes, and image processing and analysis.  Please check back for upcoming announcements on future programs.

Traveling Lectures

This initiative will facilitate the training of broad groups of individuals through external site visits to other academic institutions by CBORT Resource Faculty. Site visits are usually take place over the course of 1-2 days and institutions are strategically selected based on their ability to offer multiple contact points in engineering, biology, and medicine in order to extend the OCT expertise of the Resource Faculty to a spectrum of investigators interested in utilizing OCT in biomedical research.

If you are interested in any of the training programs offered by CBORT please contact